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Our relationship with ProcureCon Marketing

Having contributed to many events as sponsors and attendees we are deeply engaged with procurement executives, marketers and agencies discussing challenges and opportunities within the industry. 

Decideware has enjoyed a long and productive relationship with ProcureCon Marketing, helping to educate and grow the global marketing procurement community since the foundation ProcureCon Marketing conference. 

See some of the ProcureCon Marketing Events past and present we have been involved in:


ProcureCon Marketing, EU, 28th October 2020

Presentation:  Innovation Spotlight - Bayer’s Procurement Automation Journey:  How to automate your Scope of Work Management programme to drive efficiencies and savings.
Speakers:  Malik Akhtar, VP Marketing Procurement, Bayer and Steven Wales, CRO, Decideware

Malik shares how Bayer approached automating their Scope of Work process globally and opens up the floor for an interactive Q & A workshop to address questions from attendees. 


ProcureCon Marketing, US, 25th June 2020

Presentation:  We’re All In This Together:  Partnering With Your Suppliers in a Time of Economic Disruption
Panelists:  Jose Molina, Marketing Procurement Manager, Constellation Brands, Peter Melanson, Director, Marketing Strategic Sourcing, Intel Corporation, Richard Benyon, Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder Decideware and moderated by Antonio Humphreys, Senior Manager, Adobe

The panelists share their experiences and recommendations on how to persevere during challenging times – like the COVID-19 Pandemic.


ProcureCon Marketing, EU, 9-11th June 2020.

Presentation: Bayer’s Journey to Enterprise Agency Management

Speakers:  Sara Todd VP, Global Procurement, Marketing Bayer and Steven Wales, CRO Decideware

Decideware is featured in the ProcureCon Marketing, EU 2020 agenda where Sara Todd, VP Global Procurement, Marketing at Bayer will speak about Bayer’s Journey to Enterprise Agency Management.


ProcureCon Marketing, US, November 2019.

Presentation: Transforming Your Marketing Relationships Through An Effective Scope of Work Program
Speakers: Coleman Raymond, Manager, Agency Management, InterContinental Hotels and Steven Wales, Chief Financial Officer, Decideware

Driving Change at IHG - Coleman Raymond discussed her role in transforming IHG's Agency Strategy and Operations Practices. You can read more about that in an article here


ProcureCon, US, November 2017.

Presentation:  A Programmatic Approach to Managing Agency Relationships
Speakers: Stacy Jensen, Sr. Manager, Agency Alliance Management, NovoNordisk and Richard Benyon, CEO, Decideware 

Client-side agency management /marketing procurement professionals have two key processes that they can use to improve agency performance and in turn, marketing ROI. Stacy and Richard discussed how the two in combination, provide a highly effective continuous improvement loop:

Scope of Work 

Allows clients to create pragmatic annual (or project) work plans. It ensures they have the appropriate agency resource mix and seniority on each deliverable, budget effectively, and track spend accurately during the year to get the best value from their investment. See more about Scope of Work programs here.

Agency Evaluation 

Allows clients and agencies to collect feedback from a wide range of stakeholders, to ensure more in-depth conversations around their relationship, and build action plans to deliver "course corrections" where needed. See more about Agency Evaluation here.


ProcureCon, US, November 2016.

Presentation: Budget Data and Business Analytics
Speakers: Diane Gibbons, Director, Global Procurement at Pfizer and Richard Benyon, CEO, Decideware

Decideware was once again a proud sponsor of ProcureCon Marketing, held at the Los Angeles Loews Hollywood Hotel.

Featuring a list of expert speakers, ProcureCon Marketing promised to be the best event for marketing and procurement practitioners interested in learning about current best practices to optimize results from advertising agency partnerships.

Richard Benyon joined Diane Gibbons, Director, Global Procurement at Pfizer to talk about how to use budget data and business analytics to manage the relationship between clients and their agencies better. 

Here, they detailed the steps Pfizer took to standardize the operational and workflow elements of their Scope of Work program, and how this built a foundation of data allowing more strategic conversations with their marketing and agency stakeholders. 

These conversations allowed Pfizer to make better investment decisions with their creative, digital and other marketing agency spend.


ProcureCon, November 2015.

Presentation: Using Business Intelligence to Deliver Sustainable Savings and Procurement Efficiency
Speakers: Kate Short, Marketing Procurement Group Manager, Nestle and Richard Benyon, CEO, Decideware

In the session, Kate and Richard looked at how to apply business intelligence tools to analyze agency budgets and performance using available marketing procurement data. Kate shared how Nestlé USA are using this information to manage their agencies better, increase purchasing efficiencies and find cost savings. Richard and Kate also participated in an interactive round-table discussion that was held later that day.

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