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Decideware &

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA)

Decideware’s strong & ongoing relationship with the Association of National Advertisers (The ANA)

Decideware’s clients are the ANA’s Members.

 We serve the same people; Marketing Procurement, Marketers, Procurement & Finance and Senior Leadership in the largest advertisers in America.

As such, we’ve invested time, energy and money in building and maintaining a close working relationship with the ANA over many years. We first sponsored the ANA’s Financial Management Conference in 2009 and we’ve opened, presented at and/or exhibited every year since. And frankly, we’ve also had a lot of fun with our industry colleagues in the agency management business.

These efforts have perhaps, in some small part, helped to grow attendees numbers from 100+ back in the day to 700+ in 2019. We’ve authored dozens of thought leadership articles and hosted my presentations, here is a brief summary of how we’ve engaged to help educate ANA members more recently:




5 Steps to Establish a Strategic Production Spend Management Program

Speakers: Richard Benyon, CEO Decideware; and Damian Branch, Professional Services Manager, Decideware

Six Ways to Redesign Scope of Work Programs in Uncertain Times

Speaker: Steven Wales, CRO Decideware

Good Grief: The 5 Step Process for Addressing Agency Management Now

Speaker: Steven Wales, CRO Decideware

Deliver Value Beyond Savings: Helping Marketing Achieve Objectives Using Optimized Agency Management

Speaker: Robin Seasock, Account Director, Decideware and Enrique Cordero, Chief Client Officer, Link RFx


Thought Leadership Articles


Coming December 15th… How Pfizer Is Managing Its Global Agency Roster

How to Manage Advertising Production’s Bigger Picture

How to Organize Teams for Scoping Season Success

Driving Change at IHG

Client Agency Evaluation Process

Using Agency Optimization to Support Brand Goals

Delivering Value Beyond Traditional Agency Management



Advertising Financial Management Conference and Marketing Procurement Day Presentations


Scope Management by the Numbers

presented by Steven Wales

Kellogg: Achieving Efficiencies and Investment Optimization Through Automation

presented by Jody Naragon, Senior Manager Marketing Procurement at Kellogg; Steven Wales

How Agencies View Evaluations

presented by Steven Wales

Additionally, our CRO, Steven Wales, has been an instructor for ANA’s Marketing Training and Development Center.


If you would like a copy of any of the above articles, please contact us here or visit


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Business Intelligence

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Agency Evaluation

A top 10 US advertiser came to us wanting to improve their systems to manage their agency scopes of work.

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