Developing an Agency ROI Program

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Marketers work on their Marketing and Advertising ROI. But do they understand their Agency ROI?

Understanding Agency ROI is important to ensure spend is optimized and that the proper programs and relationships are in place to build great brands cost effectively.

The goal of an Agency ROI system is to provide key stakeholders with timely, accurate and relevant data, customized for their particular organization. The result?

Better agency management decisions can be made across all major aspects of the marketing program.

There is no single method to calculate Agency ROI; however, the key is designing a method that makes sense for your organization. It is also important to have some fundamental data:

  • The health of each client-agency relationship
  • The spend with each agency, broken down into meaningful components
  • The scopes of work for each deliverable
  • The performance of the brand, advertising, agency and deliverables – across various other dimensions like geography

It may appear complicated, but with the right expertise, tools and methods to capture and consolidate the data, the core elements of an Agency ROI system can be built to provide you with deep and actionable insights.

Decideware provides custom solutions to help you manage your agencies for greater mutual success.

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