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Production Manager

Capture estimates, actuals & overall production spend.

Screenshot of Production Manager module

See Your Production Spend & Optimize Your Investment

Lack of visibility into the many costs and production suppliers make it difficult for advertisers to manage their production spend—and to optimize their production investment for the highest possible ROI.

Designed in close collaboration with major advertisers, Decideware’s Production Manager module empowers more strategic production investments by providing detailed visibility into production spend.

Production Manager makes it easy to understand exactly where your production spend is going at a glance. Track estimates, actuals and overall spend, visualize phase benchmarks and costs, and understand what each supplier is delivering all from the convenience of your tailored Decideware dashboards. By delivering clean, clear data and reporting on overall production spend, Production Manager helps advertisers make well-informed decisions.

Screenshot of Production Manager module

Benefits of Decideware Production Manager

Built-in Efficiencies

Reduces time spent on set-up, administration and approval workflow, allowing more time for analysis.

Superior Visibility

Delivers greater visibility into the costs associated with the production process by capturing estimates, actuals, and overall spend, benchmarks, talent and supplier data, and more.

Key Features

Effective Management Tools

Decideware Production Manager is specifically designed to capture estimates, actuals and overall production spend.

Flexible to Match Your Processes

Flexible structure to accommodate each client’s unique production process.

Production Jobs

Accommodates both agency-led and decoupled production jobs.

Stakeholder Access

Allows third-party access for production companies, cost consultants and key stakeholders to ensure costs are captured accurately.

Track Estimates & Actuals

Capacity to track estimates and actuals for both fixed-bid and cost-plus jobs.


Capacity to generate a wide variety of reports to analyze overall production spend to drive informed strategic decision making.

Screenshot of Production Manager module

Production Manager & Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence helps advertisers make sense of their data, develop strategic insights, and build more successful agency engagements.

Production Manager allows clients to view all their production spend data in one convenient, customized dashboard in real time, empowering timely, fact-driven decision-making.

Business Intelligence is especially effective when clients leverage multiple Decideware modules. Combined with Decideware’s Scope Manager, the Production Manager module gives clients a comprehensive understanding of the total cost of ownership for any creative project from ideation to production.

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