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Scope Manager

The industry-leading scope of work management platform.

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Optimized Scoping Through Superior Spend Visibility

Efficient, timely and accurate scope of work programs are critical to empowering advertisers to understand and manage their agency partnerships.

Decideware’s Scope Manager is designed to automate and centralize scope of work programs that simplify the approval process and provide superior visibility to optimize costs. Designed by the industry for the industry, Decideware’s Scope Manager is the leading industry solution used by the world’s largest advertisers to optimize their scoping process.

“As an agency, we are extremely happy with the introduction of Decideware. It truly has facilitated and expedited the contracting process.”

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Screen shot of Scope Manager module

Benefits of Decideware Scope Manager

Speed SOW Approvals

Can reduce scope development and approval time by over 60%.*

Optimize Spend

Helps uncover and reallocate working capital back into your marketing organization (up to 20%).*

Increase Transparency

Delivers greater transparency by capturing initiatives, deliverables, and expenses associated with creating work, including staffing fees.

Elevate Analytics

Provides superior visibility through robust reporting and Business Intelligence. Break down data by business unit, brand, geography, staffing seniority and work complexity to discover possible savings and agency efficiencies.

* Efficiencies gained will vary with each engagement.

Key Features

Centralizes All Scopes of Work

House your scopes of work into one convenient, user-friendly system with an electronic approval workflow feature.

Automated Rate Card System

Pre-loaded rate cards ensures compliance, increases data accuracy and reduces data entry time.

Flexible to Match Your Proccesses

Accommodates various compensation models, approval processes and/or SOW legal agreements.

Scalable, from Regional to Global

Scalable and suitable for engagements of any size, from regional to global.

API Connectivity

Leverage the open API to eliminate redundant data entry across financial and project management systems including Workfront, SAP Ariba, Coupa, and Veeva.

Screen shot of Scope Manager module

Scope Manager & Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence helps advertisers make sense of their data, develop strategic insights, and build more successful agency engagements.

By displaying clear, up-to-date scoping data and automating time-consuming internal processes, Decideware’s Scope Manager delivers Business Intelligence that decision-makers can leverage to achieve superior agency spend transparency and supercharged client-agency efficiency.

Decideware Business Intelligence is especially effective when clients leverage multiple Decideware modules, allowing for the juxtaposition of agency performance and spend data.

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