Scope Manager

Efficient, timely and accurate scope of work programs are critical to help advertisers understand and manage their agency relationships and return on investment.


Decideware’s Scope Manager is designed to automate and centralize scope of work programs and to provide visibility into spend to maximize spend efficiencies.

Decideware enabled Scope programs can also assist with timely cash flow for agency partners.

Designed with input from major advertisers, decideware’s Scope Manager is the leading industry solution now licensed by many advertisers managing billions of dollars in agency fees.

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Key Features


Centralizes all scopes of work into one system with an electronic approval workflow feature.

• Scope Manager has been found to reduce scope development and approval time by over 60%.*

• Clients have also reported finding savings for reinvestment (one cited savings of 5–7%).*

• Provides an automated rate card system to improve data accuracy and to reduce data entry time.

• Creates transparency by capturing initiatives and deliverables with the staffing fees and expenses associated with creating the work.

• Accommodates multiple scope compensation models, approval processes and/or SOW legal agreements to meet your program needs.

• Offers robust reporting and Business Intelligence for visibility into agency spend by business unit, brand, geography, staffing seniority and work complexity. This allows clients to discover possible savings and agency efficiencies.

Scalable and suitable for smaller or larger engagements— from regional to global.

* Efficiencies gained will vary with each engagement

“Over 7000 approved Scopes of Work for
a total of over $2B in scope fees”

Costing Structure
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Decideware Advantages

Benefits of Decideware

Decideware offers a suite of agency lifecycle modules and expert services so advertisers can get the most from their agency partnership investment. 

Services & Support — Decideware’s Production Manager is fully supported by our Services team who offers deep expertise and a wide range of program support options. From customized advisory services to outsourced administration, we help you achieve your program goals:

– Advisory to help advertisers adopt best/right practices

– Production program design

– Production program management

– Outsourced administrative resources

– Technical and tactical support

Business Intelligence — Customized dashboards answer key questions regarding agency production. With BI, complex results are made simple and available in real time (rather than weeks) to allow timely decision making.

Quality — Production Manager is delivered as a SaaS solution, available on-line on any device. Decideware responds to clients’ evolving needs with frequent software updates.

Security — The software is hosted in secure ISO27001 accredited, Tier 3 facilities.

Agency Lifecycle
Management Platform

Featuring 5 software modules and a complete range of expert services, we help advertisers grow, save and improve at every stage of the client-agency relationship.

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