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Selection Manager

The industry’s most powerful agency profile database.

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Optimize Your Roster & Resources with Streamlined Selection

Keeping track of your agency roster is complicated enough when looking at the matrix of agencies needed to deliver integrated, multi-channel marketing programs. Now, do that across multiple brands, business units and geographies and a spredsheet just doesn't cut it.

Selection Manager eliminates the costs and operational headaches associated with manual or disorganized maintenance of agency data by providing a comprehensive, dynamic data repository. Our innovative self-service feature allows agencies to update their listing within Selection Manager and maintain accurate data about their capabilities.

When combined with other Decideware modules, Selection Manager consolidates all current and prospective agency information in one convenient, user-friendly platform. See your active scopes, the geographies in which an agency works, their self-reported strengths, and most recent evaluation scores all within Selection Manager for fast, effective searching, shortlisting and agency roster optimization.

Screenshot of Selection Manager module

Benefits of Decideware Selection Manager

Data Repository

Superior visibility into agency capabilities, specialties, conflicts and more to drive better, faster decision making.

Agency Shortlists

Easily compile effective shortlists of possible agencies for specific pieces of business.

Self-service Data Maintenance

Reduce costs associated with manually managing data and search processes through the agency self-service data maintenance feature.

Search & Reporting Tools

Robust search and reporting tools allow advertisers to quickly find the right agency for the business, every time.

Key Features

Agency Management Tools

Accommodates an unlimited volume of agencies, with the capability to differentiate between agencies and the entities held under their global umbrella around the world.

Clear Visual Displays

Agency data is displayed in a clear, easy-to-understand visual format to allow for at-a-glance research, comparison, and short-listing.

Agency Self-service

Agencies can maintain their own listings within Selection Manager, helping to ensure advertisers have the most accurate and up-to-date data at their fingertips.

Client Approval Process

Client approval process allows advertisers to review agencies’ self-assessments of their capabilities and validate their viewpoint or submit modifications as needed.

Comprehensive Reporting

Sophisticated search and reporting tools enable advertisers to mine the Selection Manager database with precision, empowering faster, more comprehensive shortlists, agency screening, and overall data maintenance and management.

Screenshot of Selection Manager module

Selection Manager & Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence helps advertisers make sense of their data, develop strategic insights, and build more successful agency engagements.

Business Intelligence is especially effective when clients leverage multiple Decideware modules. Combining Selection Manager with Decideware’s Evaluation Manager Module allows advertisers to instantly access the most up-to-date evaluation ratings and cross-tabulate capability data with evaluation scores, providing a more comprehensive picture of agency performance.

By enabling advertisers to more easily store, organize, maintain and search agency data, Decideware’s Selection Manager drives successful selection processes and more strategic, data-backed decision-making for optimized agency rosters and spend.

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