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I want to improve my agency relationships.

Decideware simplifies agency relationship evaluation programs through process automation and data consolidation.

Managing an evaluation program with many agency partners multiple times a year can be an overwhelming process. Effective evaluation of agency relationships and performance is near impossible without a tool that can process dozens or hundreds of agencies’ worth of data quickly and accurately. Decideware offers solutions to optimize your agency evaluation program, assisting from survey delivery and collection to data analysis against your feedback. Your Decideware solutions can provide more robust strategic insights regarding your agency partners quicker and with greater accessibility.

The data experts at Decideware will work closely with your team to develop software solutions tailored to your specific business needs and goals. The Decideware team will help you make sense of the wealth of data at your fingertips and identify actionable insights that can improve your agency relationships and results.

But don’t just take our word for it—explore the real results Decideware’s automation and insight delivery have made possible for major advertisers.

“GAMT and Decideware transformed our agency management program, fully automating our SOW and evaluation process globally.”
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Case Study

Ford Global Agency Management Team Case Study

The Challenge

  • Develop a comprehensive, automated scoping tool for all agency data
  • Streamline evaluation and SOW management within a global solution

Ford’s Marketing & Sales GAMT manages over 450 fee-based SOWs annually across seven agencies of record in the U.S. and globally. Ford also conducts around 650 agency performance evaluations twice a year. Prior to 2020, GAMT manually managed standardized global processes via spreadsheets, emails and meetings—method that had become unwieldy and inefficient at best. When Ford partnered with Decideware, they aimed to improve their convoluted processes in order to develop an automated system for managing SOWs, performance evaluations and executive reporting.

The Solution

Platform screenshot

Decideware presented a complete, automated solution that would comprehensively address the client’s scoping and evaluation requirements. Implementation of this solution included the development of tailored performance evaluation tools, user testing, and nearly 30 training sessions performed globally by the Decideware team. Nearly 650 agency and Ford users have been trained and are now using Decideware software.

The Results

Globally met SOW deadlines for the first time ever

GAMT and Decideware transformed their agency management program, fully automating their SOW and evaluation process globally. The Decideware platform streamlined complex processes and revolutionized the way Ford approached feedback and reporting. Its implementation gave the client a consistent way to conduct both agency self-evaluations and client evaluations. Additionally, the solution provided reporting capabilities that can reflect both the granularity of local-level detail and executive-level reporting of regional and divisional results.

GAMT reported additional benefits to Decideware’s implementation, including:

  • Met SOW deadlines globally for the first time ever
  • Validation of data accuracy using Business Intelligence
  • Utilization of highly-configurable Dashboards to view YoY trends and comparisons for better decision making
  • Performance Evaluation Functionality for regional roll-up of evaluations
  • Ease of use allows for greater accessibility to new users

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