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Evaluation Manager

Agency evaluations at scale, now powered by Decideware AI.

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Streamline Your Agency Evaluation Program in One Convenient Place

Without a clear, data-driven understanding of how agencies are performing and the quality of their collaboration with your teams, it can be difficult for advertisers to develop productive, cost-effective, and mutually-beneficial relationships.

Decideware’s Evaluation Manager is the industry’s leading software solution specifically designed to collect agency relationship data and conduct customized evaluations, empowering advertisers with knowledge about the strength of their relationships and the insight needed to improve.

Evaluation Manager allows advertisers to collect qualitative and quantitative data from both client and agencies, providing unmatched consolidated data for each agency relationship. This data, presented in a user-friendly visual format via your tailored Decideware dashboards, enables all parties to celebrate successes and identify areas for improvement in an agency evaluation single source of truth.

“GAMT and Decideware transformed our agency management program, fully automating our SOW and evaluation process globally.”

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Screen shot of Evaluation Manager module

Benefits of Decideware Evaluation Manager

Centralizes All Agency Evaluations

Evaluation Manger enables small agency management teams to field and report on dozens, even hundreds of client-agency relationships. Run a single project scorecard with one agency, or a large, complex assessment of hundreds of agencies across the globe working on multiple brands.

Comprehensive Reporting Powered by AI

Instant reporting allows for thorough, timely analysis of all aspects of the agency relationship, from individuals’ scores to client/agency gap analysis to agency comparison and trend reporting. Leverage artificial intelligence to review written comments, conduct advanced sentiment analysis, & create action plans in seconds. 

Efficiency via Automation

Evaluations can run on auto-pilot once launched and templates reduce administrative time, freeing your team to focus on analysis and action planning.

Data Security

Rest assured that SOC2- and ISO-certified Decideware is doing everything in its power to protect client data.

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Key Features

360° Review

360° review option available for all assessment modes, including client-on-agency, agency-on-client, and agency self-assessment.

Unlimited Evaluations

Ability to conduct as many evaluations as needed to gain a comprehensive understanding of all agency relationships.

Customized Questionnaires

Accommodates multiple, customized questionnaire designs, allowing advertisers to hone in on specific facets of agency relationships for feedback.

Real-time Dashboards

Administrative dashboards provide real-time feedback on completion rates while evaluations are in-market.

Decideware AI Enhanced Data Analytics

Immediate, comprehensive and customizable reporting for timely analysis and action. With the addition of artificial intelligence into evaluation analysis, gone are the days of wading through hundreds - if not thousands - of written comments in your evaluations. Leverage Evaluation Manager AI to create comment analysis reports & action plans in minutes, not days or weeks. 

Superior Visibility

Superior visibility across the overall agency portfolio, from the individual brand/agency level up to holding companies.

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Evaluation Manager & Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence helps advertisers make sense of their data, develop strategic insights, and build more successful agency engagements.

By providing the data clarity, automation, and internal framework necessary to run sound agency evaluation programs, Decideware’s Evaluation Manager helps drive growth, feedback, and collaborative action planning between advertisers’ teams and agencies.

Business Intelligence is especially effective when clients leverage multiple Decideware modules. Combined with other elements of the Decideware Agency Lifecycle Platform, Evaluation Manager gives clients a deeper, richer understanding of how their agencies perform, on both a project-to-project and team-to-team level.

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