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Decideware Business Intelligence

Delivering clear, easy-to-understand data insights for optimized agency engagements.

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What is Decideware Business Intelligence?

Decideware Business Intelligence is your agency performance and spend data visualized; the catalyst to stronger strategic decisions throughout your organization.

Pulling data from each of your Decideware modules, Decideware Business Intelligence compares and contrasts these elements in fully customizable dashboards tailored to your specific questions and goals. Helping to develop “should-cost” modeling based on your own agency engagements and providing unmatched clarity into your agency evaluations are just a few of the things possible in Decideware Business Intelligence.

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Decideware Business Intelligence & Agency Lifecycle Management Platform

Decideware Business Intelligence is especially effective when clients leverage multiple modules of the Decideware Agency Lifecycle Platform. Business Intelligence ensures that the data collected in each Agency Lifestyle Management module is in conversation with one another, providing greater context for your data and deepening the value of the actionable insights delivered to your team. This interconnectivity across modules allows Decideware to provide a truly comprehensive picture of your agency relationships throughout the lifecycle of your engagements.

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The industry’s most powerful agency profile database.


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