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Central Data
Data Ownership
Data Ownership

4 Levels of Value Delivery with Decideware

Marketing Strategy
Brand / Agency Optimization
Generate Working Capital
Gain Process Efficiencies

The Decideware Value Pyramid



The Agency Lifecycle Platform™ features 5 class-leading tools to manage agency selections, scopes of work, briefs, agency production costs and agency evaluations.
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Solutions Advisory

Providing assistance and advice to help clients prepare for and optimize their engagement with Decideware.

Business Intelligence

We make complex simple providing data insights to agency management decisions, eliminating waste and improving performance.


Skilled resources dedicated to serving as an extension of your team.

Proud Partnerships

Decideware is proud to partner with the leading advertiser member organizations to provide thought leadership, sponsorship support and active participation.

We contribute to industry events, conferences, webinars and member education initiatives.


Agency Lifecycle
Management Platform™

Featuring 5 software modules and a complete range of expert services, we help advertisers grow, save and improve at every stage of the client-agency relationship.

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Marketing and Procurement teams invest significant funds with their agency partners to grow brands. And in complex environments they need help to get great outcomes. Decideware's software and services are purpose built to improve client-agency relationships, performance, spend and ROI.

Decideware offers advertisers an unrivalled opportunity to select the best agency for each assignment, control the scopes of work, deliver great briefs to every agency every time, spend effectively in production and conduct agency evaluations to manage highly productive relationships.

Decideware's Agency Evaluation Manager and Scope Manager are the industry leading solutions. Selection Manager, Briefing Manager and Production Manager are growing rapidly to offer advertisers a full suite of agency management solutions.

Bringing clarity to even the most complex marketer-agency relationships.

From the agency selection process to year-end evaluations, the terms, goals, and measurements of a strategic partnership must be understood and supported by all stakeholders.


Managing these processes in a clear, concise, and standardized manner affords the capability to best leverage your agency partners capabilities. It also allows for top decision-makers to best manage through & forecast.


We apply sophisticated analytical techniques to review the subjective feedback provided and look for common themes, and the sentiment associated with them, in order to build meaningful action plans to deliver positive change.

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Featured Case Studies

Scope of Work

A top 10 US advertiser came to us wanting to improve their systems to manage their agency scopes of work.

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Business Intelligence

A leading advertiser contacted us to build on our lengthy relationship, which has developed over the last 6 years.

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Agency Evaluation

Our client, a medium sized advertiser in the US, first engaged us 4 years ago, adopting the Evaluation Manager module to underpin their agency management program. 

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Resource Mix

A Marketing Procurement Manager of a well known advertiser reached out to Decideware to obtain more visibility to the resource mix of their agencies.

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Evaluation Action Planning

Mariana, an Agency Management Director for a leading pharmaceutical company, needed to uncover key issues from their latest annual agency evaluation.

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Decideware provides custom solutions to help you manage your agencies for greater mutual success.

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