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Our Expertise

Built by the industry, for the industry.

At Decideware, we deeply understand the dynamic needs of advertisers and the complex agency management challenges you face—because we’ve been there too.

That’s why we’re driven to push the marketing industry forward with game-changing agency management solutions by experts, for experts. The foundation of our work is our insider’s perspective into the pain points and urgent needs of major advertisers, as informed by our 75+ years of collective experience in agency management and governance.

Our clients benefit directly from our first-hand knowledge and expertise through our innovative software solutions.

Guided by the changing landscape of the agency management industry and the evolving needs of our clients, Decideware is continuously improving our tools for all clients to leverage. Our solutions evolve and grow with you, from our software to our advisory staff assisting along the way. The Decideware team will share personalized guidance and support, helping you get the most out of our solutions and your agency relationships.

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Meet the Decideware Leadership Team

Robin Seasock headshot

Robin Seasock

Chief Executive Officer

Robin Seasock leads Decideware as CEO, bringing 20+ years of client-side marketing and procurement experience. Upon joining Decideware Robin was the voice of the client—listening and advocating on behalf of the advertisers that Decideware served. She assumed responsibilities for US operations before moving into her current role. Passionate about supporting her peers in the industry, she strives to progress industry best practices and thought leadership.

Steven Wales Website

Steven Wales

Chief Revenue Officer

Steven Wales is the Chief Revenue Officer for Decideware, Inc. which is a role he held for 11 years, from 2010 to 2021. Steven brings over 25 years of Sales, Marketing and Marketing Procurement experience back to Decideware. Working with global brands Mars, Advertising Production Co, & 7Miles Global, Steven’s vast industry experience and understanding of client, agency relationships helps Decideware clients get the most from their agency partnerships around the world. 


Giles Woodhall

Head of Client Services

Giles Woodhall leads our Client Success team, leveraging over two decades of experience in fostering strategic partnerships across a broad spectrum of industry verticals. As the Head of Client Success, he is pivotal in the continued evolution of Decideware's strategic service approach, ensuring our services not only meet but exceed client expectations. His leadership is key to deepening client engagements, offering greater value by integrating cutting-edge solutions, strategic foresight, and an unwavering dedication to the success of our clients.

Richard Benyon headshot

Richard Benyon

Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist

Richard Benyon co-founded Decideware in the early 2000’s, designing the original Decideware iteration for our first clients. Since then, he has become an industry subject matter expert on data management, system design, and process implementation. Having overseen 100+ Decideware & Client launches, his experience helping top global advertisers better understand their agency relationships is unmatched anywhere in the world.


Corina Moreno

Head of Professional Services

Corina Moreno leads our Professional Services effort, bringing over a decade of experience in process and platform implementations across various sectors. As the head of Professional Services, she oversees Decideware client implementations and software configuration best practices, ensuring that our solutions seamlessly integrate with each client's unique agency management framework. Her role is crucial in aligning Decideware's offerings with the specific needs of our clients through a combination of strategic project management and technical insight.


Josh Ratnam

Senior Product Manager

Josh Ratnam leads Decideware Product Development as Senior Product Manager, with a focus on aligning our offerings with the current and future needs of our clients. His expertise in navigating the intersection of technology and client requirements ensures that Decideware's products are not just responsive but also proactive against the quickly evolving Marketing Procurement industry. Josh's leadership in product strategy and innovation is pivotal in maintaining Decideware's edge in delivering intuitive and effective solutions that help drive our clients continued success.

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