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Decideware Resources

Explore the pieces below for a look into our partnerships with the Association of National Advertisers, World Federation of Advertisers, and our outstanding clients.

Informational Materials

Decideware-at-a-Glance Infographic

Decideware's "At-A-Glance" Infographic overviews the Decideware offering as well as our client base and management team. Decideware's Agency Lifecycle Management "Software-as-a-Service" platform consists of five modules and our new Business Intelligence Solution which help advertisers manage their relationships. We also offer a range of expert services to help make you successful.

Decideware Executive Summary

The Decideware Executive Summary overviews Decideware's Agency Lifecycle Management Platform and how each module integrates with one another to help advertisers manage a highly productive relationship with their agencies.The Executive Summary explains each module in detail and its role in the agency lifecycle.

Decideware's software platform and expert services help advertisers optimize these relationships and spend, overall performance and ROI.


Agency Management As A Risk-Management Advantage

When brands implement agency-management initiatives, there are usually two drivers or goals. One is to rationalize and optimize agency relationships for more effective marketing programs, another is to achieve cost efficiencies in the form of savings or spend optimization. But such initiatives can help companies address and mitigate business risk as well.

See these Ten ways scope-management and performance-evaluation programs can help brands assess and mitigate risk.

Case Study: Ford's Journey in Automating their Agency Management Process for Scopes of Work and Performance Evaluations

This case study will focus on the challenges, requirements, and results the project team achieved in coordination with their agencies. The team will also share insight into the key factors that made their initiative successful.

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