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Decideware delivers tailored software solutions that drive real results.

Decideware’s solutions have helped advertisers simplify convoluted processes, and our superior data clarity provides unmatched spend transparency across Scopes of Work and Production. We’ll work closely with your team to tailor our software solutions to your specific business needs, providing unparalleled visibility that will increase efficiency and optimize decision-making.

But don’t just take our word for it—explore the tangible results Decideware’s automation and insight delivery have made possible for major advertisers.

“As an agency, we are extremely happy with the introduction of Decideware. It truly has facilitated and expedited the contracting process.”
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Case Study

Pfizer Case Study

The Challenge

  • Reduce contracting cycle time
  • Establish a repository of all SOWs
  • Maintain compliance with company policies

Pfizer came to Decideware seeking improvements to their contracting process, which was bogged down by slow manual processes and internal resource constraints. We took a two-phase approach to reduce contracting cycle time without increasing costs, starting with an end-to-end mapping of the contractual process.

Once we understood the bottlenecks in the client’s existing process, we investigated alternative, policy-compliant methods for quicker contract execution, ultimately settling on a customized process workflow in Decideware.

The Solution

Platform screenshot

This customized workflow took SOWs through development, review, approval and execution in five simple steps streamlined and delivered within the Decideware platform. Fully executed SOWs are also stored in Decideware, fulfilling the client’s goal of establishing a repository for all SOWs.

The Results

66% reduction in contracting cycle time

The implementation process included hands-on system enhancements, building and training from the Decideware team. Pfizer’s newly streamlined contracting approach resulted in a 66% reduction in contracting cycle time, taking the average cycle from 45 days to just 15 days.

Pfizer also reported additional benefits of Decideware’s implementation, including:

  • Reduction in total time spent on contracting processes
  • Ability to easily track the status of all SOWs
  • Transparency into spend and performance of agency partners thanks to robust reporting and analytics

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