The Decideware Value Pyramid

4 Levels of Value Delivery


Large advertisers use Decideware’s Agency Management Software Platform to access 4 levels of value, from strategic to process:

  • 1. Inform marketing investment strategies
  • 2. Enable brand / agency excellence
  • 3. Generate working capital
  • 4. Gain process efficiencies

The Stakeholders We Serve

The stakeholders we serve, include the CMO and marketers, procurement and agencies. In a typical engagement:

  • The CMOs funds the Decideware agency management initiative to generate gains for the business
  • Marketing Procurement manage Decideware and the software platform
  • Marketers are engaged in agency evaluation programs, developing scopes of work, and production spend management
  • Agencies are actively engaged as stakeholders because they derive significant benefits


The 4 Levels of Value Delivery to Advertisers


1. Inform Marketing Investment Strategy
  • Gain early transparency to guide annual agency spend planning 
  • Use data to pivot spend decisions
  • Build robust investment arguments for Finance
  • Ensure brand tactics are aligned with Marketing strategies 
  • Early detection of trends impacting business
2. Enable Client-Agency Excellence
  • Enable client-agency excellence, everywhere
  • Keep stakeholders & relationships visible and informed with meaningful data
  • Access spend & performance dashboards to maintain gains
  • Compare brand resources, funding, performance against other brands
  • Gain greater visibility into resource utilization
  • Manage and track progression and changes to scope throughout the year
3. Optimize Working Capital
  • Optimize working capital in all markets
  • Find spend efficiencies to reinvest
  • Minimize staffing, scoping and production redundancies
  • Streamline scope cycles and gain visibility into production fees
  • Establish baseline pricing by deliverable ‘should cost’ 
  • Early detection of pricing trends and cost outliers
4. Gain Process Efficiency
  • Enable Agency Evaluation, Scope of Work and Production Spend Governance programs
  • Standardize processes and access efficiencies
  • Widely deploy best-practice agency management programs
  • Engage all stakeholders in centralized and distributed decision making
  • Ability for Agency to better plan resources and realize efficiencies in their operations

When Advertisers want Enterprise – they Upgrade with Decideware.


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We provide enterprise level SaaS solutions, configured for each client’s requirements. And expert services to help CMOs, marketers & procurement to optimize their agency spend and relationships. 

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