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Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence with Evaluation Manager AI. 

Complete evaluations, process data, and uncover strategic insights faster than ever.

Take your agency evaluations to the next level with the power of AI. 

The world of agency evaluations—and overall agency management—is evolving.  The challenge of consistently doing more with less grows every year when organizations look to marketing procurement teams to manage their strategic agency partnerships. 

As your demands grow, artificial intelligence stands to revolutionize your approach to marketing procurement. By simplifying operations and enhancing strategic decision-making, AI enables you to manage partnerships with unmatched precision and insight - and now it's available in Decideware's Evaluation Manager.

Able to digest, evaluate, analyze, report, and plan actions in the blink of an eye, Decideware AI helps you enhance agency evaluations in less time, and with much less effort, so you can:

  • speed up agency evaluations by up to 80%
  • access deeper strategic insights in record time
  • leverage auto-generated action plans, and more

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Agency management software using AI screenshot

AI Evaluation Analysis Made Simple. 

Gone are the days of wading through hundreds - or thousands - of written comments per evaluation. After an agency evaluation closes within Decideware's Evaluation Manager Module, you're immediately able to conduct AI powered analysis against that evaluation's data - and get your results within minutes. 

Fully Customizable Prompts For Ultimate Analysis Tuning.

Artificial intelligence is only as powerful as we are capable to instruct it.  Whether you want to start from scratch or use a template as a jumping off point, every prompt in your Evaluation Manager AI system is fully customizable to your organizations reporting needs. 

Agency management software using AI screenshot
Agency management software using AI screenshot

Tailored Prompt Templates to Speed Access to Reporting.

Evaluation Manager AI hosts your pre-created prompt templates allowing you quick access to your most commonly used analysis frameworks. No need to recreate the wheel every time you run a report, Evaluation Manager AI has you covered.

Action Plans At Your Fingertips. 

No artificial intelligence can replace the skill and experience of a human marketing procurement professional - but it can help get you off  "square 1" in record time. Leverage Evaluation Manager AI to help develop action plans against your agency evaluation results in seconds, giving you back valuable time to advise and grow your agency partnerships. 

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