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Decideware & ANA

Hopes & Concerns of AI In Marketing Procurement

Follow-up June 2024

Thank you for participating in our follow-up survey in response to the ANA AFM 2024 Hopes and Concerns of AI In Marketing Procurement report. If you want to view the report again before filling out the survey, click the button below to download. 

Please keep in mind this questionnaire is in relation to marketing procurement and agency relationship management, not the use of generative AI in creative. 

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Decideware AI puts the power of artificial intelligence into agency management. 

Artificial Intelligence is the greatest marketing procurement assistant the world has ever seen. Able to digest, evaluate, analyze, report, and plan actions in the blink of an eye, these tools are helping folks like you manage their agency relationships with a fraction of the effort. 

First introduced into Decideware's Evaluation Manager, Decideware AI can help reduce data processing effort by up to 80%* in even the most complex agency evaluation programs. 

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