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Evaluation Manager AI

The only agency evaluation solution with artificial intelligence, enabling you to complete evaluations faster, with 80% less effort.

Introducing Evaluation Manager AI, all the power of Evaluation Manager, now supercharged with AI. 

The world of agency evaluations and overall agency management has changed. As a result, you can no longer afford to rely on slow processes, outdated tools and stale information. And now, you don't have to.

With Evaluation Manager AI you can:

    • Reduce overall evaluation data processing effort by up to 80% 
    • Perform comment analytics and feedback review in a fraction of the time it took before
    • Generate recommendations and action plans against your evaluations with the click of a button

Say hello to AI and goodbye to the days of:

  • wading through hundreds or thousands of comments per evaluation
  • re-creating the wheel every time you need a report
  • taking days or longer to develop action plans once evaluations are complete
Screen shot of Evaluation Manager module

Evaluation Manager AI Benefits

Reduce your data processing efforts by up to 80%.

Streamline your processes and dramatically reduce the time you spend on data analysis. With up to 80% faster evaluations, you can reallocate key resources towards other critical activities such as collaboration and strategic planning.

Access deeper insights in record time with AI-backed sentiment analysis.

Automatically review feedback, identify and unravel subtleties, and uncover trends over time, ensuring no valuable insights are overlooked.

Evolve prescriptive analytics to include automated, actionable recommendations.

Go beyond traditional analysis with AI. Transform complex data into actionable strategies, automatically generated along with tangible recommendations to optimize your agency relationships and performance.

Make data-backed strategic decisions faster than ever.

Leverage system-generated insights, analytics, themes, and more to inform your strategic decisions and put your agency on the path to greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Want to learn more about the power of Evaluation Manager to run your enterprise-scale agency evaluations? Click the link below. 

Agency management software using AI screenshot

AI Evaluation Analysis Made Simple. 

Gone are the days of wading through hundreds - or thousands - of written comments per evaluation. After an agency evaluation closes within Decideware's Evaluation Manager Module, you're immediately able to conduct AI powered analysis against that evaluation's data - and get your results within minutes. 

Fully Customizable Prompts For Ultimate Analysis Tuning.

Artificial intelligence is only as powerful as we are capable to instruct it.  Whether you want to start from scratch or use a template as a jumping off point, every prompt in your Evaluation Manager AI system is fully customizable to your organizations reporting needs. 

Agency management software using AI screenshot
Agency management software using AI screenshot

Tailored Prompt Templates to Speed Access to Reporting.

Evaluation Manager AI hosts your pre-created prompt templates allowing you quick access to your most commonly used analysis frameworks. No need to recreate the wheel every time you run a report, Evaluation Manager AI has you covered.

Action Plans At Your Fingertips. 

No artificial intelligence can replace the skill and experience of a human marketing procurement professional - but it can help get you off  "square 1" in record time. Leverage Evaluation Manager AI to help develop action plans against your agency evaluation results in seconds, giving you back valuable time to advise and grow your agency partnerships. 

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Agency management software using AI screenshot

Evaluation Manager AI & Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence helps advertisers make sense of their data, develop strategic insights, and build more successful agency engagements.

By providing the data clarity, automation, and internal framework necessary to run sound agency evaluation programs, Decideware’s Evaluation Manager helps drive growth, feedback, and collaborative action planning between advertisers’ teams and agencies.

Business Intelligence is especially effective when clients leverage multiple Decideware modules. Combined with other elements of the Decideware Agency Lifecycle Platform, Evaluation Manager gives clients a deeper, richer understanding of how their agencies perform, on both a project-to-project and team-to-team level.

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