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Agency evaluation programs have evolved over time and remain widely regarded as the foundation of a sound agency management program.

Agency evaluations help marketers and agencies manage their relationships, performance and business outcomes.

At Decideware, we’ve built the industry leading agency evaluation solution and it’s been in market for nearly 10 years now.

We continue to encourage clients and agencies to provide feedback into the software design and as such, it continues to evolve.

Agency evaluation programs provide the ability for stakeholders to provide constructive feedback, outline opportunities for growth and to create collaborative action plans.

With Evaluation Manager, agency evaluation programs can be readily executed at the local level, country level, regionally and globally.

Strategic analysis and year-to-year trending allow marketing teams to think about how they can best manage agencies and understand the patterns that emerge by certain variables - including agency performance by brand, geography, or holding company.

A well-managed agency evaluation program underpinned by the right technology (Decideware’s Evaluation Manager) can produce great insights for the client and agency teams and inform the conversations and decisions they need to make to ensure the relationship stays productive, healthy and profitable for all parties.

In 2016, clients informed us that they wanted to make their agency evaluation programs simpler, yet more effective. They wanted their evaluations to be easier to administer, quicker to complete, and provide immediate reports. We addressed their feedback with a redesign and released an new and improved Evaluation Manager solution.

Last year, we released our new Decideware Sentiment Intelligence. Developed in close partnership with one of the world's well-known advertisers and their key global agency partner, this solution uses statistical analyses of qualitative feedback to hone in on those actions that marketers and agency executives can take to improve the client-agency relationship and performance.

Decideware provides custom solutions to help you manage your agencies for greater mutual success.

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