Managing Agency Briefing

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Well-written briefs are the key to agencies producing great ideas in a cost effective manner.

Agencies want detailed, accurate briefs so they don’t spend extra time and money having to create multiple rounds of revision and creative ideas which may stall.

An agency briefing system, like Decideware's Briefing Manager can help to:

  • Ensure every brief is well written
  • Enable every marketer to write a great brief
  • Allow the agency to focus on producing great ideas and work, reducing risk and waste
  • Allows advertisers and agencies to review the briefing data and decisions about how it can be improved

ANA research often highlights that bad briefs are one of the major frustrations they have with their clients.

Adopting Decideware's Briefing Manager provides an opportunity to ensure your agency has the best possible start to produce great ideas.

Briefing Manager reports can reveal details which help with quality decision making including:

  • How many briefs were sent to agencies and with what total budget?
  • How much time did we spend on each brief and in total?
  • How did the agencies rate our briefs?
  • Can we model the best agency briefs to produce better results more consistently?
  • Can those models mean we write better briefs more often and more cost-effectively?

Decideware provides custom solutions to help you manage your agencies for greater mutual success.

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