Managing Agency Production Costs

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Advertisers want to improve their management of their production costs.

Production costs are in the headlines.


That's because clients always want to ensure their costs are managed with fair and accurate systems and processes. They are faced with a number of challenges to overcome.

  • The advertising market is more global, faster, competitive and complex than in the past. Quick access to complete and accurate client production data across the whole business is essential for decision making
  • If an advertiser uses a number of production companies in a number of markets, then sourcing and compiling information from various sources can be challenging
  • The level of detail that production partners store and manage is not always what advertisers want to store and manage. While there are some overlaps, their needs can differ
  • Sourcing data from different systems takes time and can be rigorous. It is important that the process is not time consuming with the right expertise on the job

Decideware's Production Manager can help.

Having ready access to your advertising production cost data is essential to allow you to conduct analyses and optimize your spend. You'll want to answer some important questions:

  • How much are we spending across the business - across brand, geography, etc?
  • How much is spent in various categories?
  • How much is spent across various forms of production (TV, digital, print, etc)?
  • Can much do certain items cost?
  • Which stages of production processes are most costly?
  • How much is spent with each vendor?

With better access to all their production costs and a database of records, advertisers are able to quickly produce reports, share information with their stakeholders and make quality decisions.

Decideware provides custom solutions to help you manage your agencies for greater mutual success.

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