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Agency Selection

Advertisers have a constant need to find and select the best agency for an assignment.

This can be challenging without a system to:

  • Store all the pertinent details of every agency that is of interest. These agencies might include those that are working with you, those who want to work with you, or those who used to work with you.
  • Flag certain other important factors (i.e. core skills, clients, awards, key staff, office locations, etc.)

An agency management system can share knowledge with your entire team and enable them to understand which agencies have done great work and might be ideal for a particular assignment.

An agency database requires some resourcing and expertise. A purpose-built system is always best and can alleviate some of the resourcing requirements. One key result of this process is that a successful agency can be rewarded more work, therefore generating more success. Also, niche agencies can be quickly identified and engaged. This type of system can also quickly identify and resolve any potential issues surrounding the selection process.

Decideware provides custom solutions to help you manage your agencies for
greater mutual success.