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Case Study

Resource Mix

The Challenge

A Marketing Procurement Manager of a well-known advertiser reached out to Decideware to obtain more visibility to the resource mix of their agencies.

The Solution

Working with our client to fully understand their needs and questions they had, Decideware was able to use our Business Intelligence solution to provide clear answers to our client's questions. Through Decideware BI, we were able to show the mix of seniority of resources for each agency on a global basis. We were also able to indicate the complexity of the work being undertaken (e.g. Origination vs Adaptation vs Localization) and also overlay the proposed blended rate.

Platform screenshot

The Result

Our client was able to fully understand which deliverables have too senior a mix of agency staff on them, based on the fact that they are low complexity work.They also were able to determine if the rates were in line with expections and should they make some adjustments to optimize the mix of resources.


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