Scope Manager

Scopes of work are essentially the transactions between clients and their agencies.

 As such, it’s important to run an agency scope of work program which uses purpose-built technology and gives clients and agencies:

  • A single, universal platform
  • Accurate information about the scopes and deliverables
  • Timely information which is readily available and accessible for analysis
  • The facility for stakeholders to efficiently access one system to work through scope of work drafts until finalized
  • A faster process to approve and complete the scopes of work to ensure the work can progress and that there’s appropriate cash flow timings for agencies
  • Reports which can be shared and provide insights into scope data tool inform decisions around resource allocation 

All of the above ultimately contribute to better visibility and understanding of spend to optimize efficiencies and manage return on investment.

And the benefits of a well-run scope system are substantial. One client has stated they typically identify a year-on-year 5-7% reduction in spend which can be more effectively reinvested into the program. While results will vary with every engagement, the benefits of this magnitude of savings support their investment and the value they bring to the marketing environment.

So managing an effective scope program requires certain skill sets on the client side, the right technology and access to expertise in that provider.

Across the industry, we now see clients designing and implementing a scope program in a single large country or region and increasingly, expansion of those programs globally, typically with assistance from our Decideware Advisory practice.